LyricsWanna Make Love to You

Shane Dawson, Liam Horne

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Oh yeah Oh damn Yeah yeah

Just like that, girl Hey sexy lady Yeah, Shane's got a message for ya So I'm gonna sing it for you So baby let's start This is coming from the heart And this is what he wants to do Take ya out for a dinner Think nice at the Sizzler After that go cruisin' in His mom's '91 Honda He want me to ask you if you'll marry him But now that I've got you in my vision I wanna make love, Baby I wanna make to you, you, you I wanna titty fuck, yeah I wanna titty fuck those boobs, boobs My mom just dropped me off She'll be back in an hour That's plenty of time To make love in the shower (Yeah) Best believe that I will make you scream And it's legal because I turned 18 Yesterday Baby I can do, what he can't do I'll give you lots of pleasure (Yeah) Put your Ikea furniture together Rub your feet while your watching Bachelorette Let's get it, sex in different places Africa, Space, and do it in the middle of Target Do it in the White House, Oval Office Fist bumpin' Obama, while Michelle watches now Do it on your Grandma's tv Givin' her a heart attack It's ok, I know CPR And not just gonna get it cause it's free I like boobs, boobs, boobs If I worked at Starbucks I would write on your cup "This right here, this right here, this right here Is a girl that I'd really like to Take her out for dinner, maybe see a movie Nah, I'm just kidding I really wanna fuck"

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