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What what what what Yeah yeah Who the fuck want it?

Yeah yeah, set it off niggas Transform transform [Poet] Yo, I'm at cha'll niggas, assault and battle y'all niggas My gat splatter niggas, my style dazzle niggas Screwball empire, poet spit fire (fire) Niggas wanna die, come try'a... piledriver My family's hydra, but we smoke hy-dro Mixed with the chronic, some niggas sniff blow Some niggas smoke dust, fuck around get bust Severly touched, crushed, your times up Ya rhyme sucks, ya crew's weak When the smoke clears, I'll be there, standin on my two feet With the mic in one hand, and the otha my heat Represent vernon, tenth, and twelth street [Hostyle] Man, I brake a broom stick off in yo' ass For long cash, screwball blasts the raw facts And it's long lastin, yeah A lot of crews are soft like puddy They see me they runnin from me, my rhymes they study Subject, art of descruction, come to reck Wanna give props to mercy for your? drops Set it on my man phil, then my eyes get chinky Here's kinky, then I'm ghost like blinky I'm pacman, lyrics that's written by a mad man And my grip is like a mental asyllum when I write 'em Ignite 'em like a bullet from my glock when you pull it To all pieces, when the rough shit releases, yeah Chorus: screwball and capone (Do what?) pushin' weight back (nigga we'll win) (What, what) clack clack clack clack (screwball) (We're the illest) can you dig that? (I can dig that) You didn't know, only time keep 'em villians (take it there) I wanna hurt something (nigga we'll win) I wanna hurt something Don't make me do something (we're the illest) (what) Pull the curtains on 'em (yeah yeah yeah) You didn't know, only time keep 'em villians [Capone] Yo, understand this I aim rich, aim stainless steel Aim at the beast when the game get real Yo, them corna's I been played, got schooled by fame Said the streets is still watched through closed curtains and screens Qb is like the villian'est life, all across the world thugs, pushers, pimps And whores From a blimp I glimpse at the raws Tears fall, and radioactive street thugs hearin me callin To you my name respect the game,? sixty days home? Copped the buggy, showed me the love, ghetto niggas gotta love me Pop the bubbly y'all, salute the reign of qb (yeah yeah yeah yeah) [Kyron] Aiyyo, you niggas sleepwalkin out here, a technicality Nigga we blaze infront of the kids "cause that's how foul it be I shit on you, take you to the flicks, put a hit on you Dump ya head in popcorn, turn around and spit on you I take it there, with ghetto po' niggas, who never had nothin We hangin in the club just to bag som'thin Catch a rolly mercin out about to crash som'thin So just get the fuck up out this life unless you have som'thin You don't hustle around, you wouldn't mind time Bitch you ain't a dime, if you ain't improvin mine Who y'all, I see through y'all Fuckin with kyron, you fuckin screwball We do some ugly shit to y'all Chorus The reign of qb (salute this shit) Screwball (screwball nigga) Capone 'n' noreaga Thugged out (thugged out) Kno'imsayin? (hear me?) Y'all get this money, or we get that thug shit poppin Kno'imsayin? Its our fuckin world

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