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Fitlhgrinder, No-love machine, Cleaner Unknown to remorse and pity Cynical, Electrical fucking murderer What a scenery, The heavy pulsebeat of the Unholy Alliance and the white fear Take a look around and understand, (That) your days are Numbered The demon on the Wall and the ticking clock Closing in (On that final) grasp for air, Do you still believe? The future beast is rising and tyranny has come for 777 years Reach out for mercy, It's just a bygone anyway Filthgrinder - Practice aggression Filthgrinder - Protect the wealth of the Elite Filthgrinder - Tremble upon the ugly Trueborn creature, Twist that Firm grasp of yours Like in days of old He can feel it, He knows they can't To be in league with the underworld can't be mistaken You don't believe, You know! He chants a primitive gospel, So very hard Yeah! The mechanisms of destructive behaviour can be an artform In itself The beast risen represents no so called dark mercy Evil knows no good, Good knows no evil But a saviour he is in all forms, But religious A Grand engine carrying years of built up Hatred and Powers You know that, Isn't that why I can smell your fear? Your heart trying to rip its way through your chest Fitlhgrinder a beastified being risen form the collective Hatred of an oppressed people A people representing Pride, Dignity and Honour!

No translations availableNo translations available
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