LyricsStraight from Limbo (feat.…

russ, Bugus

Sebastian Garcia submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

I'm coming straight from limbo I don't know what day it is Blunt in my mouth Johnny Walker Thats the way it is Motherfuck an alias I just go by Russ Riding thru the city with mistakes in my trunk I displaced all my luck a long time ago Now its just skill Minds on Pluto hands on the wheel Damn right Russ is crazy I'll take it as a compliment Met a little lady she kept tellin me that I'm the shit I call it braggadocios someone grab the roaches Take a shot with Jesus then I passed the blunt to Moses Like Oh My God I'm high Fuckin devils in disguise Tan skin round thighs brown eyes round five Different reasons why I shouldn't even do it But we're drinkin bombay bumpin all my music Movin like Beyonce she sharp with every movement But I'm feelin like I'm Kanye So I start to lose it can you blame me? How about we blame it on the game Cuz this ain't me, maybe I'm a psycho Learning how to juggle all the voices in my head Feelin dead as I hydro ... plane Crossing into other lanes And the lights go ... off behind me Remind me what I been doin Fuck the cops I'm drunk as hell I'm innocent til proven That I'm guilty thinkin will they smell the liquor Will they smell the kush I know I just smoked a swisher So I know I'm lookin suspect You gonna have to prove it tho Scotch on the rocks tell the cops Thats the usual devils' lookin beautiful Dancing in those high heels Living in a crucible Wonderin if lifes' real Coming straight from limbo They say I'm crazy and I don't know why No I don't know why Yeah Its lookin hazy so I close my eyes Yeah I close my eyes Cuz I'm from Limbo Limbo And I'm muthafuckin mental mental And you can't fuck with me No you can't fuck with me Uh You better let me in Better let me grin Bugus in this bitch got the devil in my gin I'm never gonna lose I'll abuse for my wins I've paid all my dues And I've prayed for my sins I've saved all my dudes I choose to intrude I coulda came cool But I choose to be rude Uh, If my food ain't ready Machetes are comin at ya White widow weed, no seed, we call it Casper Ball all night, practice all day Running to a day suicide both ways I'm such a survivor, such a carnivore Fuck your thoughts bitch, suck your saliva Straight from limbo, straight from a Lambo Got alot a space in my safe so I gamble Got alot of faith in my chase so I can't fold Got alot of paint for my face, mo ammo Came in the camo, feeling like Rambo Diamonds, holla, then your whole camp gets trampled Just for showing up, diamond stay glowing up Bugus put it down, Motherfucker ya you know wassaup Ya you know its us, motherfucking mon-stars Bugus and Russ blowing blunts in a cop car Motherfuck your handcuffs, you know that we stand tough Coming for your head, what a rap game. stand off! I see you won't leave us alone until a nigga goes crazy Ridin' through the slums, trunk full of drunk babes Mercedes was stolen, a couple of ladies were chosen Would've thought we were the mob by the way we was rollin' Oh you think we the mob? I think we the mob In my head I get head and these hoes call me god Word, they call you god? Well I guess i play satan Back to killin Katy Perry in my basement Wait, have patience Nah, fuck patience! I wanna see this bitch's blood wasted Nah you don't need to you really don't have to I don't give a fuck she's chopped up in my bathroom! Shut the fuck up Bugus, who the fuck asked you? Shut the fuck up? Don't let one kill gas you, you don't kill for the villain Cause one will catch you and will leave you on the mat and I don't mean Matthew Fuck him, fuck you, and fuck the whole world! Cause while I'm rappin this I'm probably fuckin yo girl! Excuse my friend I tell him time and time again But he knows no better let the story begin Straight from Limbo

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