LyricsThe Mirror (Pt. 1)


Michael Seboka submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

Yeah Sometimes I feel like this Yeah Yeah Sometimes I feel like this Sometimes I feel like that Sometimes I'm feeling darker then I'm light but then I'm back Sometimes I feel like spazzing yelling out that I'm the one Coz I been mobbing this house and before I knew I was the one Sometimes I feel like shaking people Just to get through to them but they old dumb and confused man his ain't nothing new to them Still I got some news for them Hello Mr. Landlord Russ is here I'm moving in This is just the mood I'm in Killing shit while I'm feeling it then I black out Wake up with a dameinequin then dip out while she passed out Looking for the credit for the hair tell her I'm maxed out Bitch I'm tryna ride this whole game ski masked out I don't think that you should fuck with me Yeah Not until I at least fuck with thee Dreams and aspirations growing living in my head like a muhfucken tumor if I don't move em then I'm dead Imma get this shit poppin If not my lips poppin In the meantime I bought my sister a new wrist watch Next comes the Range then the house sand Hello Mr. Mirror I'm the motherfucken man Damn

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