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I'ts that west coast, best mode Ride around and play shit Dancing on the moon As soon as i walk out my space ship I make this Music for myself So fuck the fakeness Either you gon' feel it Cause you're real or you're gon' hate this And my statement is my movement I take it while you lose it Facilitated dreams inbetween ... And the shepard Converted she put every single record And my good is always better than your best So fuck your efforts I'm a young gun Gunnin' for your spot motherfucker I'm the unsung, drumming at the top motherfucker 'til i die still i rise above the evils Out in California steady lighting up the cheesel Reme... and chains on the veins in the people Tryna end the pain in a world of needles Temptation runs deep when the truth acts feedle (?) And these beats my candles and my mind is the easle motherfucker This can't be real this feeling that i feel, yeah But don't you want it? don't you wanna have it? Hanging in your face now you finally got to grab it But i'm just me so how did i get this far? yeah But don't i want it? don't i wanna have it? Hanging in my face now i finally got to grab it Flight light, brights lights on the runway Rap dream, cash feen Life on the one way I sneak around with the devil every sunday Rassle in these sheets as my beats freed the fodge way (?) We let the sun raise Energize the power Pass a couple blunts then we fuck inside the shower 'til it's time to go I let my mind at home I swear the world is always dressed up in designer clothes But i'ma be a billionaire Yeah you can quote that I'm about to blow off my lines call it coke-rap I make the best beats, but everybody knows that And i find my way without directions overrode nut (?) So tell me where hoes at I feel like acting reckless I've been addicted ... in breakfast We floatin' in that deep blues See if something precious And she's trying on her necklace made of diamonds and resentment God damn... Yeah, ok my name stayed the same But these girls camera frame From changing the way they call it I'ma walk it like i talk it 'til the show is over I'm a fucking alcoholic 'til the show is over And then i'm leavin' in a bucket But i push it like a benz Cause i'm breathing so let's fuck it 'til i get some mo inns I'ma make a couple hits Then i hit the dealership Black car, yellow seats Ridin' like i steal a bitch I feel the itch to renovate my life Seperate the past with the glass full of life I might be living wrong But it feels so right I'm a ticking time bomb And i'm blowing up tonight Cause trust me, i've been patient 6 years in the making Beats everyday since 9th grade in the basement Got me jaded to my own shit So i'm just faded tryin' to own shit Groupies needed two of me But i don't have a clone, bitch

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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