Rich Homie Quan

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Why my bitch cheating on me? What the fuck I do to her? I ain't did nothing nigga

Why she wanna play with me? My feelings done got involved Nah that bitch can't stay with me Swear to God on my Grannie Rest in peace to, Annie Now the bitch got two daddies This a reunion, no family! I wanna fuck you in your best outfit girl put in on, Yeah David Copperfield, baby girl I can get it gone, Nair You the picture, Imma put you on the wall I'm the hammer, you the nail Beat it up, Beat it up, Beat it up, Beat it!Put your ass to sleep, baby girl tempur-pedic Cuhz whip it up, in a pan like Pita Love big titties, turned on by them C Cups Did a show in Boston drinking lean out a tea cup No party, I'm sorry Ridin' round in the motorcycle, no Harley That lil ho retarded, had to nickname lil bitch. tortoise Shootin' shots, I ignore it Pants saggin' cause I walk around with that 40Nigga talkin' beef, eat it up cause I'm hungry Fuck YARS, nigga im extortin' Feelin' like J-Prince nigga J-Prince son Jas, fuck with every time I was in LA chillin' at Jas Prince house A deal, I ain't never signed I ain't never ever ever lost shit Kill a nigga, knock em off, what's a fuckin' lawsuit? Shoot a nigga momma house up, no talkin'(Shh) Too much talkin'…Ran out with a 100 bands, I ain't playin' Cause the promoter, thought I was playin' Got a 2-2-3 Lebron James, Cleveland Why am I insecure bout my woman?I don't lick pussy but tonight I might eat it I don't want that shit lil bitch, I just want my receipt back She grippin' on my nuts, Michael Jackson I might beat it Her first name Victoria, I know she got some secrets I don't wanna fuck with her, if she ain't gon' keep it Real with a nigga till the end, girl I need ya Let me put my dick inside your hole, peep it Thugga want your soul, he need itShe ain't got too many times, she got 3 stripes like an Adidas (Ay) Let the lil bitch come roll me like tempur-pedic (Ay) Throw that pussy, I catch it like a receiver play If she find out I cheated, she might just leave that day Put that lil bitch on her feet, no bengay Jonesboro South raised me, that's what kids say And my diamonds they come wet like a fish tank Lil money big bank take lil bank (Yeah) Lil nigga wanna play, I'll leave em in a wheel chair Yellow bone bitch from Toronto, she a regular When I kiss her, I be suckin on her neck like Dracula And I'm a motherfuckin' lion, nigga cats kill[Rich Homie Quan

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