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He's got a booty Huh? It's a regular booty

She's got a booty Yeah? You see that every other mother-fruitcakin' day He's got a booty Yep, right there Hi She's got a booty Uh-huh After awhile they all start to look the same Take your booty and Christmasify it So jolly you can't deny it Holiday spirit is flowin' through me Coming right out of my Christmas booty Ironic sweaters are so last week All I want for Christmas is my two back cheeks Look at her I'm like whaaaat? Is that girl working a Jinglebutt? She deserves a standing ovation Let's just give her... a donation Um What do we have here? It's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rein-rear Rudolph with your nose so bright Won't you guide that booty tonight? I've got a feeling I've never felt She's got an elf on a booty shelf Oh holy night Oh my heavens I hope he doesn't fall in that crevice I didn't think he was my type But I like cheastbutts and I cannot lie Fa la la la la, what a surprise He's cracking a nut with his backside Grab your booty and come get with this Want to wish you a Gluteus Christmas These ugly sweaters no longer move me Better start shaking that Christmas booty Take your booty and Hanukkah-ize it Don't knock a kosher booty 'til you tried it Eight presents ain't quite enough to soothe me Give me that 9th gift... Hanukkah booty Twerk the halls with boughs of hiney Kwanzaa is happening right behind me St. Nick ain't as thick as yours truly Let me back up my Kwanzaa booty Take your booty and Christmasify it So jolly you can't deny it There's no choice, it's you holiday duty Time to unleash that Christmas booty

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