LyricsPick Up the Pieces

Radio Moscow

Karol Samsel submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

You were my world, tried giving my soul Now broken from the sin (/from myself?) they're all i own Had a lot with you (?) from me Now solitude, your lies still haunting me Left me there sitting at home alone To wake in that bed we used to call our own I've been a fool it's plain to see Let the little girl take what's left of me Once (?) like a love I know Now broken heart, that left me cold Had a love with you, torn out from under me Now solitude, this dream still haunting me (?) Now I stay at this broken home Waking we regret now bet? alone My little girl across the sea The thought of you is killing me The (?) sitting in this home alone Pick up your pieces you gave upon Into your eyes I'll never see, your broken lies from missing me

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