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Last update on: January 11, 2023
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While you′re stacking your chips I'm brushing mine off my shoulder And now I′m tracking my ships

The ocean's about to get colder Thought that I told you I'm alien like on the mic Sly as a fox you better call Mulder, agent I′m getting older hit like a boulder I can′t be stopped Just like a wrecking ball that started swinging Springing like I may get flowers With all the showers I'm bringing I′m a have all cell phones ringing When I start pinging the towers I'm a be tracking for hours Been in the training room just like a winner do Trying to get used to these powers I′m making the complicated look too easy sprezzatura I'm hitting like I got some golden gloves Robin Ventura White Sox turning red with every cut from this track I do not slack give you the clothes off my back I′m growing out of them I'm always hungry I'm treating the beat like a snack Just when I′m in the middle of my cadences I′m flowing out of them This is ridiculous I'm taking flight like I′m Ikarus I got the presence I'm Nicholas Don′t want to beef with me I am carnivorous Vigorous while being rigorous There is not safety on the mic or I Be careful don't trigger us I am the one I′m talking my number two Everything's adding up I am RōgWon top of the que No one is matching up I'm too lit, too fit, too legit Not going to finish that one It′s just not fair I′m at a knife fight and I'm armed with a gun Let′s keep it going this already has begun Your style's old like vinyl that′s already been spun This is that Capital Punishment Big Pun Eventually I'll be getting money hand over fist Winning this Rock Paper Scissors game couldn′t resist I'm in the midst of putting some ice on my wrist It's getting swollen from writing so much Driving this car like it′s stolen I′m popping the clutch If you need someone to lean on I can be a crutch Don't take advantage you will never be out of reach I can′t touch Jack Reacher cruising choosing my words carefully Although I'm concerning desserting like Sara Lee Making the cake while I′m taking a break Don't mistake this puddle for a lake My drip is just out of control Causing a flood turning my dirt into mud Just looking forward to seeing parole Been behind these bars for long enough I got the grit and the fortitude strong enough I′m hitting all my shots Curry like long enough On my way to the green but never in the rough That was a sports scheme unforeseen I'm on scene not obscene so clean fifty seven Minus thirteen I'm the whole team I don′t know what else to tell you I feel like I′m living a dream But this isn't coming from me I′m thinking this pen has a mind of it's own Maybe the Lord is throwing me a bone For all the humility that I′ve shown Or maybe he just Wants to continue to see me paving my own way to the throne Either way I am prepared for the struggle I always juggle Faith, family, work And what I am worth Am I just a muggle on Earth I can't be with this kind of wizardry Spitting these flows as cold as a blizzard be I′ll reptilian like a lizard be Split tongue just to match my split personality Welcome to my new reality

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