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Last update on: February 13, 2021
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Everybody wants to know How you feel So maybe you could sing Singing's not a sin Everybody wants to know What you're doing here Maybe you could dance Come on shake your pants Ooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ohh Everybody wants to know Where you coming from Did you fly here in a ship Ride a black hole for a click Everybody wants to know If you're sweeeet Please don't shoot us with a gun Or that laser by your feet Here something that you might like Everybody wants to know If you're happy of ere Would you like to buy a home Live in London or in Rome Everybody wants to knoe If you're our friend In the end Oooh Was it someting I said Was it something I said That you could never forget That you could never forgive

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Synced byNayara Lara
Translated byAnnelore Devresse

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