LyricsCheck in (feat. Chinni)

Puday Piff

Last update on: April 20, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Yung nigga from the trenches I rap about it cuz I live it You window shopping cuz you can't afford it

You only rap about it cuz u saw it This for my real niggaz touching paper Saying piffy ain't the one then u a fucking hater Talking bout u put in work but u a weirdo We got the town lit so who the home town heros We in the club every night & every city Either trap going crazy or its feeling like I'm diddy New Foreigns that will make your bitch marvel 100 bottles baby we dnt need no sparkles My yung nigga shoot em out his truck fit I'm stuck with what I'm stuck with cuz I don't suck dick And I don't listen to radio man I'm done w that Put my gun in his mouth & make em mumble rap I'm on the road to the riches And we don't chase hits, liquor or bitches So don't wanna end up missing You better do your history nigga know who you dissing Now let me tell you where I'm at in my life 10 years two kids I been had me a wife She used to claim me on her income tax Now it's red bottoms & Louie bags Niggaz dissing they kids it's really sad cuz I just wanted to be a better father then my dad was Nigga u brought me in this world I ain't have a choice Another child of the ghetto who won't have a voice As far as the teAm we all litty my niggaz is all good I can't wait for the first tour I'm bringing the whole hood I wanna do this shit right so we can eat for life Put the fam first that's called sacrifice Shit that's the only shit that matters Turning the page to another chapter It's a bunch pain behind the laughter Its crazy I lost my nigga to asthma I had me fucked up You know what makes this shit harder Is he left two daughters without a father See ever night my son was turning up So now his energy going to live thru us Niggaz hating I remember the conversations You would kick some fly shit I used it as motivation Just trying to pull myself together 2 fingers in the sky I'm reppinh Chinni boys forever

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