LyricsAfter I'm Gone Feat. Jah9

Protoje, Jah9

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Last update on: October 16, 2020
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Don't wait until I'm gone away Don't wait until I'm gone away After I'm gone (when I'm gone) Will be too late to show you care You've got to love me while I'm here And still with you (wid you) 'Cause after I'm gone (when I'm gone) All of the tears will be in vain (in vain) Only the memories will remain What remain for me? Can't rest in peace if you live in war Don't make the conflict reach too far Here one day and you gone tomorrow Next week funeral, wreaths and flowers Forget the hours of the time spent up- Keeping the malice and it don't make sense now So you intend fi treat me when it dread Nuh come the dead yard fi nyam no fish and bread And me say peace, that's the way I'm trodden Step pon you shoes then I beggin' ya pardon You nuh waa hear that so you hold hard end Man a road living like prisoner warden So a who at fault then and who get hurt When you use you brother fi fabricate you worth Well everybody was naked at birth Whether buried or burnt, we return to the Earth The line between your friend and your enemy Easy fi blur when you overpree It all depends on the energy You choose to invest in the chemistry Which you require to make it If your desire is to take it to a height Cause I life is sacred, I purpose is to intensify the light that will shine

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