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That nigga sayin what?! Ha ha Damn right

() Let's make a few things clear When you're gone I'll still be here Won't miss a day, this ain't leap year We knock out teeth here Shoppin like a new freak every week here The smell good with pretty feet here Had to risen from the ashes, predicted by the masses To be one of the few that persevere through the ratchet era 80's baby, the classic era Got the skill to bounce back, I'm elastic terror Turn that, surrounded by smoke Grew niggas with no bread, care from some toast? Crazy right? Went from a rapper to a trapper then back to a rapper My definition of a crazy life I guess God's with me, so it's like who I got to impress? Heartless, the life bitch put a knife in my chest And so what? Is it kinda prove real life to my chest Pulled it out, stuck out and I'm lookin to slice the rest of you motherfuckers Wait a minute, I'm a ladies man Not that nigga frontin here with the crazy vans on Out here gangbangin with the little pants on Old nigga, forever young, get my Peter Pan on Huh, we don't need no niggas' validation I speak for the domination every time I talk We did what? Don't believe them allegations Be a slave and tell by the way you walk, talk and think By the smell of this dank Spend my time in they bitches, the other half in the bank My grind had no limits, I'm Master P in a tank With super psychin, C Murda talkin the shank And niggas takin shots just like they bustin with blanks I hear but don't feel em I'll punch em, but won't kill em It ain't my MO But I got niggas for that Don't need no more rubbers on my dick, I got bitches for that I think they should start spellin the nigga P-R-O-B-L-E-M Bird, let's petition for that Get the dictionary ready, Keep my girl, the energy is more than the two trips of Mary Mary Very scary, the coupe is very dary Milky white, lounging at the polo lounge, deeper than Barry White Voice buried 24 feet in the ground It's real in the field, got my clicks on em now () They like P what you doin? Wanna switchin yo style right now? You winnin Yea, but as yo mind change, yo grind change with it Would be the same old nigga if I did it

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