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Phil Collins

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Why can′t it wait 'til morning? We can talk about it then ′Cos I've had a drink too many And my troubles, well I ain't got any Why can′t it wait ′til daylight? Things will seem much clearer then I'm tired and my eyes are weary And I just want you lying here with me So close your eyes I′ll make it oh, so nice Well I don't wanna think about what we′ve said And I don't wanna know why we hurt ourselves ′Cos I just wanna hold you so close to me It'll take care of itself and I wanna sleep So why can't it wait ′til next time? ′Cos that time may never come Stay here with your arms around me You're going nowhere without me So close your eyes I′ll make it oh, so nice for you

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Synced bySophia Tiano
Translated byRonald Pascual

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