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Last update on: April 21, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

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Aye a Today gon be a great day Speak through the dark words like sun rays Hold up Vocal chords warmin' up Yup Look only place this if the weather nice Wordlight You ain't heard I'm a poet when I write See it in my eyes when the fire ignite Why everybody standin' around I thought this was a fight A fight ta the finish When ya cognition isn't mixing wit ya living conditions Government didn't mention penny pinchin' a pension The flow of my words water cleaning my hands and rinsing Washing away my sins resurrection he has risen Shining like jewelry not talking about my wrist and I never stopped working took a brief intermission Listen my intuition get rid of the inhibitions Then I just look up to the sky And think about the when I was barely getting by All I had ta do was keep my eyes on the prize Kick it in overdrive While haters fall by the wayside To hot ta touch Built a studio and didn't drop a song for a 6 months Had ta change the from message from all of that other stuff Ta music fah us brothers sisters uncs and aunts Egyptian hieroglyphics got the power of the ankh Starting my own business with a vision number 1 Through the rhythm depict the images wit my eyes shut Talented and gifted healing sickness like yuck Huh Who you think u better than I survived all elements In the room I'm a elephant Capital g H i j k l m n Down wit o p p Yeah you know me Good morning the money callin' before I finish my coffee Hello You know I a I answer that Flame the track make it drip candle wax For the people keeping tabs I never been more serious about making plans You know I wanna get get married have kids Normal stuff I just wanna live Stand as a man and be proud Soon as I see em bitin' quickly switch my style Preach wit a speech as deep as a vow Volume increase please play my music loud Yeah I love ta rock the crowd Rap until I got cotton mouth It's a 1,000 clowns with 1,000 doubts Check my bank account Ion care what they talkin' about Can't calm down I'm too wild I don't need the smooth sounds I can hit you with the brakes Lyrical exercise working out lifting weights Constantly moving forward and making upgrades Lazy employee I'm just waiting on my big break I can think of a million ways And better things ta do besides lettin' my time waste My words like lawnmower blades fa the snakes Who can you trust the majority act fake I'm a still get paid Two tone j's under the moonlight her hips sway Aye you know I'm watching with the full intention Of complimenting her beauty with energy and ambition On a mission for attention Champagne keep spilling Staying focused got 2020 vision Do it for the children Ladies and gentleman No fraud no cap no sneak dissin' Just because you rap don't mean you cookin' in the kitchen The mic is my assistant for the paradigm shifting Mixing pianos guitars drums real instruments I know my flow is dumb but don't insult my intelligence I'm smart shooting for the stars And I represented my hood from the start Yeah without a question ima always play my part What's the definition of going hard Go harder Pray for me our father Say it louder Mo money Moe problems Keep rappin' Keep practicing yeah That's the only way to become a champion Real talk Try not ta get lost I hope that I ain't lose you I got nothing to prove ta you Yes yes yes yes Say less cause when you stuck in this matrix Still gotta make the concept of being great manifest Chuch the mic I bless I lust this my music is pure bliss Believe in miracles receive my gifts Inhale exhale the air fresh Bout ta take flight right from the eagles nest They don't know which way I'm goin' I'll let 'em take a guess North, south, east, west on the compass I ain't never comin' down words can't express How I'm feelin' right now just trust the process Yes yes The only way To overcome the darkness Is to be a light I yell from the mountain top You see a pillar of light They say it's a phenomenon Heres the caveat You should prolly close ya eyes You don't wanna risk of going blind do ya Word light If u heard right Prolly blurred sight Flow mean like the stomp from a curb bite I swerve left then I swerve right Earn strips Purple heart pioneer Got braggin' rights You might wanna check ya self Before you reck yourself The industry is politics and record sales This type of love ain't real Regardless of the media I speak how I feel My bad I hate ta ruin ya reputation But the anticipation ta make it out of the basement Is more important ta me Then ever being complacent So I face my fears now instead of waiting And I been so patient I been so patient Yeah yeah yeah The generation of gentrification General information General in formation Stompin leading the nation from Jim Crow innovation Chillin sippin' ginger tea and I'm prayin' like I been so patient I been so patient Ya ya ya ya ya ya I took a l then I bounced back Took a l then I bounced back Took a l bounced back You see the pattern Just gotta be patient Not a moment is wasted Through all the hatin' I ignore what they say Patience patience That's what I told myself patience Patience man I was so patient Whew Patience I fight a glacier wit a ice pick Cause if i hit it in the right spot it just might split Take a flight on a long jet No dogs ima vet And my longevity can prove that I've been patient

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