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(Thud) Wake up Wake up

Wake up Take the makeup off Wake up Wake up Look in the mirror Wake up That's no makeup Wake up Feeling fakeup Pour my cup Pour my cup I fill it up Pour this cup Pour this cup I said I had enough Oh Yah Yah I'm done What's the rush? Said cus bitch I don't give a fuck what you talking about lil hoe I don't give a fuck what you got to offer though Yah I'm on a roll I look up at I look up I look up I look up I see nothing no more I just be feeling something I just look at the floor and I just said there is nothing I look up into the past I said it is gone now I look to the future and I just said what's in store now I hit the floor ow Yah Wild now I'm just like rocking And I'm rocking She tryna jock on me I said I want this money Want this money flocking on me What is top to me? Drop the top ya see Take off my top ya see My heart is not for lease Put some Saint Laurent on me She's just like Oh my god Oh Geez I said yes Oh Jesus I said forgive me for my sins Oh lord Oh lord Oh lord Buddha Buddha Learn a lot from Oh God The Universe is where I'm from Oh Yah You don't know none I don't know none either But I just keep on feeling freer Oh yah Diva She steal your life from you The devil is inside her Now I'm inside her Bless her with some Godshit And I'm just really on shit And I just go with the motion For some reason I just be floating But God tell me where you are taking me? Emotion And Take a toast Take a toast For you Take a boast Take a boast You cool Treasure trove I hit the jackpot when I was with you Lil shawty how you doing? Hope you coolin Steady groovin Just keep on moving There is nothing with you That could take you away from me There is nothing that can take you Away from me I said Oh lord please forgive me For I have sinned when I was with her Oh jeebies She give me heebie jeebies

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