On Sunset

Last update on: May 14, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

You a dumbed-down junkie get the Fuck out my face Clown ass jit you going broke just to fake flex

If I'm iffy about my music simply hear yours then I lose it Can't hesitate for a decision this jimmy itching for a lick Fuck that I'm gon rip this heartless fuckers limbs out Feed em to his trash cause bitch now they my fuckin hounds If my eye catch anything precious best believe my foo's is jealous If we hear them fuckin sirens we get to running till we breathless Fuck tricks I'm gon run it up 'til I die bitch This hoe keep acting slutty I ain't pleasing no bitch Fuck what you think cause I ain't 'bout to raise trick I ignore your intentions and let the bad luck hit You won't get me offended and don't do no fuckin touching You thinking I'm soft but I been down like depression I been playing with fire and I ain't ever getting burnt I beat a sucker till his pulse flat Let them have the rest in the dirt

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