LyricsNuuz El Ab

Oliver Shanti

Last update on: October 26, 2017
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في حلكة الليل ألتمس الأمان Fi 7olkat-i el-layl-i, altamis-o el-aman In the darkness of night, I look for safety

حين ألقى لروحي ملاذ 7in alqa li-rou7-i malath When I find a shelter for my soul (I couldn't find a better word than shelter) خلف الريح العاتية 5alf-a er-rei7-i el-3atyia Behind the strong wind يرسل للقلب سلام Yorsil-o li-lqalb-i salam It sends peace to the heart (It could be either peace of salute) آه

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