LyricsThanx for Sleepwalking

Gordon Chambers

Last update on: July 26, 2017
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Ohh yeah Naughty By Nature in the house, stompin', word 'em up You got mack daddy right here in the middle

Got the baby faced, one little G in the house Yeah, this is Vin Rock in the place, Kaygee layin' back wit his feet up Yeah, yo okay, it's been a long and tedious road, man Takin' care of all this record business, yo, word 'em up A lot of sleepin' a whole bunch of sleepin', yo, by the way We got some Naughty By Nature pajamas and pillows comin' out For everybody who slept around the way on the projects Hear what 'em sayin', V? Word 'em up Bring your motherfuckin' ass on up, word 'em up word up Know what I'm sayin', Mark? 45 kis I got more damn time than I got money, honey So if you're a gold digger, nigga please, that joke was funny And for that diss comin' from you in particular, shoot You better kill it, for a scab that isn't no ways nears cute You say I diss you hard after I did you fine, it ain't my fault It's just your face that's mighty different in the daytime See I'm the type to meet a girl and call her bluff They say I'll keep you if you're sweeter than my other stuff Not like a pimp or like a pope, 'cos I know who's to wail They watch the clock, then rock and do your crew while you're in jail Well I'm a little bit of or should I say a lot past that So take your saggy boob and bib rap to some other cat Gimme this and gimme that, I give that ass a smack You wanna get a richer life, you better get a mack So he can work ya like the trick you really are, ya stunt I'm hittin' the back door when I come 'cos you're a fuckin' front You disappointed me, I had many plans in store I didn't know that I was in for, a project whore or A money-grabbin' dragon wit no future plans Pickin' a newer coat or car, you need a newer man 'Cos I ain't livin' to be givin' out what I done save You wanna live in a condo, better find a cave If we went half on the rent or if ya had a job Then I could think about it before I say oh naw Hell, no is all I think about when I see you Damn real is how I feel when I be comin' through Wit what is what you ask, I come through in the end How's that? 'Cos when I drop one, I call her friends Bravo, damn real, oh yes is what comes next You gotta get up mighty early to twirl the Treach I diss you, you'll be strugglin' and you say I want you, sir If ya front, if ya stunt, I might want her Word 'em up, damn, he just rip that shit Ooh, can I get? Hold your breath, will you die? Not the Treach I want those, never that, gimme this, put it back But you smooth, very nice, ain't it def? Not that bright Check you shoes so, there's two, down on sound, so are you Yes indeedy, I get greedy when it comes to dough 'Cos then I'm eedy with the heebie-jeebies when I'm broke And I don't so don't wanna roll a brother any long So I just try and on and on over time alone Yeah, I spend in twos infuse, baby, you won't last You'll be runnin' so fast, your feet'll be kickin' your own ass Your every ride is somethin' makes you just say 'Cos she drivin' his car more than he does any room Ya call me dual lock, it is true, I say now hey hey there Call us some black shit, pop a click, I say you're halfway there If ya wanna movie or dinner, I say oh, here You wanna trip or a cruise, ya bitch, I mean, no dear You'll be alright though, you'll find the right bro Hell have the right ho, then y'all a go broke But anyway, for any day, I'm dissin' any trick That's tryin' to flick my bit 'cos I ain't havin' it Word 'em up, damn, he just rip that shit

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