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*(Chorus)* Sumtime life pulls us down Help yo peeps when their down

And if tha system holds you back Just keep on kickin and don't look back I had a brotha who was in tha thang He made his money with tha klick who had to have the same game Money was the main domain (Don't let em' keep you down Oo--h N-oo) Didn't give a damn about nobody but his pockets and the ones that got him paid Always had a bullet For when he caught an enemy or playa hata tryin to take his spot he had to pull it My brotha was a wanted man Wanted by the other man Taking all tha non-believers out That was tha plan Cuz Bookie used to hang with him And all tha time spent neva neglected Never really said a word Never disrespected But worried in my mind tho Cuz maybe one of these days somebody might decide to make my brotha die slow Or fast Leave him layin dead with his cash Then I get the bloody news that my brother passed Sorry to say R.I.P. it's non-fiction Much Love to my brotha won't ya'll listen *(Chorus)* Me and my homie used to be tha hoods 2 little devils on the rampage didn't care? good My homie was a needle freak And everytime I went to see him had a different personality for every week We used to make our money daily And me bein tha partner in crime To every victim it was paid Maybe cuz we had tha erge To make our money off the well paid independent workers with tha nerve My homie didn't give a damn Co-operation was a big deal for the ones he jacked? I couldn't understand the hate up in his eyes I'm strictly jackin for tha fun He do it to survive The only person who cared about his life was in tha mirror Thinkin to himself "I'll dye alone... it's gettin nearer" Only person that realy care about his life was me But a bad case a needle made my homie shoot tha O.D. *(Chorus)* The last story's bout this sista Kim Who lived around the corner of my block With 2 kids, a little her and him No help from tha brotha man Tha sucker left her their with 2 kids and no? The option was the otha man Barely survivin Doin what she could So in tha meanwhile baloney sandwhiches was all good Tha 50 dollas every month not good enough She had to pay tha rent Now money started gettin tough She got a man Who did her kinda good in tha beggining Then he beat her down took control and he was winning For a second tho Cuz see tha brotha had a gun Now she's doin 5 to 10 like a murda one With tha kids in tha child care She kinda sad But knowin that they got a meal a day that made her glad And knowin that they alright that made her day So all she can do now is pray Sumtime life pulls us down Help yo peeps when their down And if tha system holds you back Just keep on kickin and don't look back Don't let it keep you down Whoa whoa Don't Let it Don't let it keep you down Whoa whoa Yeah

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