LyricsA Violent Grace

Michael Card

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Last update on: July 22, 2017
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A mural of memories moves by in a blur His prayers all seem unanswered and unheard His pleading petitions, his loud cries and tears

A last reprieve will simply not appear So ruthless, He loves us, So reckless His embrace To show relentless kindness, To a hardened human race The joy that was before Him On the Man of Sorrows face And by His blood He bought a violent grace Most willing of victims, And with His final breath Destroyed the one who holds the power of death The hate heaped upon Him, scorning all the shame But all for love He died and overcame In all of time no one had ever heard And to the world the thought seemed so absurd Beyond their wildest dreams no one could ever tell Of a high priest who would sacrifice Himself

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