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Verse Sometimes you felt so strong, you could have touched the sky. Can you remember how we tried to catch a butterfly?

You even cheered me up, my funny clown. Now I′m the one who is trying to save you from going down. Verse Why does it hurt so much to feel you're going nowhere? Me and my shadow used to have an awful lot to share. Forget about everything, come rain come shine. Don′t try to force your luck, 'cause it will come in time. Chorus Don't you walk away when times get rough, ′Cause all it takes is a little love. I could never face the night alone, Knowing you′re out there on your own. So, if you need some company, Turn to me. Verse I've got a right to know what′s going on. After so many years we never could have been that wrong. Let's follow the neon lights like we used to do. This little change of plan won′t keep me from loving you.

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