LyricsTomorrow's Song

Matt Craven

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Last update on: January 20, 2023
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This is tomorrow′s song, see what it brings There's no more waiting for better or worse things See the people as they go away, let them fade away

For tomorrow is you No more dreaming No more listening to hear what I say I′m still sleeping And I'm part of today But this is tomorrow's song, what can I do The time has almost gone for me but not for you As you′re laughing, I′ll be on my way, I'll be far away For I can′t be with you Don't you worry There′s no hurry, you've plenty of time Just forget me I′m what you've left behind And this is tomorrow's song, now you′re waving good-bye As you go on your way, there′s no need for you to cry

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