LyricsJail Visit (Interlude)


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[Mase:] Yo, yo check it, when we go in to see the nigga, B just say it, B. That's all you gotta do wit this nigga

[Trey:] Oh man that's, that's more your man than mine [Mase:] Yo, why the fuck you can't just say what you said you was gon' say when you seen him on Saturday. And you saw him and you still ain't say it and it's goin' on Sunday, though. [Trey:] Man you tell him half, I'll tell him the other half [Prisoner:] What the deal? [Mase:] Whassup my nigga, got your gomez, me and Trey here. [Prisoner:] Yo, y'all still on the corner, huh? [Trey:] Whassup man? [Mase:] Nigga don't look right clean, right? This nigga don't smoke no more. [Prisoner:] Hard to tell, huh? [Trey:] Yeah, I'm aight. [Prisoner:] Ok, so let's rip your pockets open. What's the deal? You know I'm gettin' married and all that, right? [Mase:] Word? [Trey:] Yeah, (to Mase) Now you definitely gotta tell him) [Mase:] Fuck you mean I could tell him? [Prisoner:] One of y'all better tell me, come on, whassup? Mase, you gotta tell me, hit me I'll fuck y'all niggas up if y'all don't tell me. [Mase:] Yo check it, You know shorty got a trick, not a trick but you know, it's a trip that, that you know, we was watchin' We was coming out the club and shorty was getting out the car With money that we ain't shottin' at on 18th street [Prisoner:] What shorty? Not my shorty. The one I'm gettin' married to? [Mase:] The shorty you gettin' married to. [Prisoner:] Fuck that bitch, yo. Wasn't gon' marry her anyway, you know? I'm just tellin' her dreams, you know me. [Mase:] Little devil. [Prisoner:] Oh, man. [Mase:] Word B, fuck that bitch, though. [Prisoner:] If *you* say it, fuck that bitch. NOT MY FUCKIN' SHORTY, NOT MY FUCKIN', FUCKIN' BITCH Y'ALL CRAZY MAN, Y'ALL MOTHA' FUCKERS IS CRAZY [Mase:] You what's wrong with you, dog? [Prisoner:] I loved her.

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