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Machine Gun Kelly

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Pesos, pesos, all I know is chase those Everyday I wake up, all I drink is Jamo My bitch is insane, all she want is anal

She cut blow with Drain-O, bust it on the table Everybody say they loyal, tell me where the fuck is they though? We ain't never see you bitches, Carmen San Diego I ain't ever sold my soul, I ain't ever had no halo Smoke J's big as egg rolls, hit that Jose Canseco Mix that OJ and Cuervo, so high that I see angels Came all the way from the kitchen, frying them potatoes You can talk all you want to, cause it will never be in my face though And ya'll mothafuckas keep lookin, but can't nobody fill my space ho I'm the realest mothafucka, I'm on some UGK Trillest mothafucka, you feel me mane? Original nigga I've never been cloned Never been sober, I'm high like a drone Smoking a cone, used to distribute cocaine in your zone But shit I moved on, to bigger and better I'm smarter and wiser, so this shouldn't be a surprise See me pull up in the foreigner size of shotgun shug where I used to reside bra You gots to be in the gym, physically fit if you comin for him You already know that I'm coming with them, trigger it in cause you sink or you swim So don't get down cause you might get drowned cause I don't fuck around my brother So don't make a sound just shut up before I hit you with the quarter pound muh'fucker Anybody wanna catch a square anytime, any place I'll be right there Standing in the middle of the motherfucking street Ready with them hands and I'm ready with the heat Took all my feet that I been that I look You can play if you want but you will get took Bumping them gloves, oh look you a piece with a Real quick life is bitch you shooked look I wrote the book on this real shit 25 years and I still spit Murder the mic and I kill shit And that's something you folks have to deal with Bring me your boss and I put him to work Eat him for lunch and then that's fo' dessert Fuck with me and your feelings get hurt Then I put you to sleep, take a nap in the dirt Cause I don't feel this motherfucker I was born the best and yes I'm still this motherfucker

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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