LyricsHighline Ballroom

Machine Gun Kelly

Last update on: October 14, 2021
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Ay yo, first off my name is, fuck that check the playlist Bitch I′m trying to blow up like the Al Qaeda But why do yall want to be famous? So I can pay for protection and pretend to be gangsta?

These rappers are five foot tall talkin' bout gang bangin′ I'm 6'3, I pee make em yellow like cold play is 6 D, up in a rental honda from A this bad bitches give me brain that explains my mindless behavior But fuck em′ I never mind them like a hater Fuck this rap shit is wack, I′m going back to get paid under the table This industry turns me off like I forgot to pay my cable Bunch of males on these labels trying to stick it in my anal (what the fuck?) So I fuck these girls cause they're rear ended (what?) So motherfuck the world because its near endin′ (ohhhh) Uh, and if you scared go to church Other than that, go get a shirt with my name on it, get your peers offended You're tormented by face huh, yeah It makes you think what ain′t huh, yeah So ship ship shimmy shimmy yah shimmy yay Get your old dirty ass out the way, hold up (Kells, Kells its double XXL) (We've got some wonderful news and I just wanted to tell) (Now I know you and our freshmen issue don′t sit well) (So we said fuck everyone else give the cover to yourself) I ain't ballin', but I′m at the free throw There they go to college, but i know this gringo is copied more then the fucking kinko′s Me ho, mis amigos will cut you into burritos and feed you to the seagulls Your career is over, finito (Fatality) Yeah bitch yeah bitch call me Steve-O I'm a jackass, I backhand my country′s presidito I don't take part in politics, where I′m from we call it deep throat I'd rather fuck me a bitch and X men like Magneto me an asshole but be tactical Cause the wrong vernacular could turn something spectacular into a massacre Microphone damager, midwest assassin, a cleveland cannibal animal eat too many of you faggots like bananas My caskets are full of plants, make my lungs blacker then Janin, high as an intergalactic planets I think I work for NASA My chucks are classic, body marked up like my managers calendar Stand up fanatical still I′ve slept on like these mattresses Wake up! can you see me? somebody get binoculars I'm on top of a man and slapping two animal activists Living up to the standards I got stuck with as a rapper A havoc problematic psychopathic basic ambassador (Cough cough) Hot boxin' an Acura Pants saggin′, gettin′ head from tabitha Bitch I be that skinny muhfucka Cleveland's what I′m reppin' They already know the answer ain′t no mothafuckin' question its Kells Yeah I got more bars in the jail I got more heat then sun itself You would think I was a member of hell You would think I wouldn′t have any manners the way I'm using Biggie for myself But, if any one of you got a problem then let me call P Diddy up on his cell and tell you (FUCK THE WORLD DON'T ASK ME FOR SHIT) All you industry bitches can suck my dick! (FUCK THE WORLD DON′T ASK ME FOR SHIT) I said all you industry bitches can suck my dick... bitch

No translations availableNo translations available
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