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Last update on: October 24, 2016

The magical potion of reanimation Bittersweet cranberry flavoured euphoria Rise from bed my darling

So I can see you again So I can kill you again My brains accelerate And I'll Reassemble you again The witches can't be loved So bravely I fought They fell and failed My Lady doesn't wilt Lata lulila lulula lilula ta Lata lulila lulula lulalila Lata lulila lulula lilula ta Lata lulila lulula lulalila Poisoned sandwich tea party starts now Eat up If you're lucky you won't rot Eat up It's your turn Eat till you drop Eat up Maybe this time you'll be caught Eat up Fill your stomach till it pops Eat up Eat it all just eat it all Cause there's no poison after all I've cleared mountains and dungeons Iron maiden My Lady has spoken "Ga1ahad, you will shall never collapse" So I charged up my lasers Talila lulila That makes your bones stronger than steel Tulila talila That backs up your thoughts to the cloud Truth or false It's the logic that dictates it all Rising edge ticks the clock Stimulates you flip-flop Generate Oscillate Let your blood fill the gates Multiplex Process registration Wipe off your pus Grind down your vitamins The end justifies the means Open the book Turn to page 617 — Scientific Witchery Someday I'll conquer the land have you slayed Blast away Blast away Don't be like Lancel0t You are the new upgrade I appriciate your thoughts But you've given me too much to tolerate I've done so much for you But you treat me this way No forgiveness for this endless love My goddess never looked at me Finally our wounds closed Our wounds closed Turned into Purple scabs Kiss me tenderly gently violently There's no undo and there's no repeat Can't go back to how we used to be There's no restart but only proceed Take up from where we've left off and see

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