LyricsFeel the Breeze

Luke Nyman

Last update on: April 27, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Hookers with hobbies are home for the weekend Powdering noses for hobbledy horses Straight jacket perversions for bent politicians

It's all in a days work for the night apparitions Lightning bolt flashes alarming the masses Reflect in the faces of those painted ladies Escaping in carriages whilst wiping their faces From the shame they acrued from all their disgraces Oh, feel the breeze Feel the breeze Rocking horse children have no one to rely on As ladies in dresses spend a day at the races Watching pirates protest being put through their paces & Secretly wish they could all takes their places There's a war in the sky 'tween the thunder and the rain And the elements fight till the end of the day And they're both just like actors, trying to get laid In their own sweet, fucked up way Oh darling, feel the breeze Oh feel the breeze Sometimes we says things, we don't always mean things And sometimes it seems we only say mean things Get carried away at the edge of extreme things Breaking down chairs, and shouting and screaming As we run over rooftops away from the madness Of crowded up coffee shops, aggressively hounded By sounds in surround, like a coat made of foxes It feels so luxurious and totally toxic And sometimes you're in love Sometimes you're with love Sometimes you give love Sometimes you hate love Sometimes you take love And sometimes you make love Sometimes you fake love But it's totally great, love Oh feel the breeze Oh darling, feel the breeze There's a sun in the sky, as the rain washes down on you They spit in your eye, and they kick you to the ground As they leave you to die, and you're lost, but you've found That you're breathing alive, as you fight to survive it all Oh Oh Feel the breeze

No translations availableNo translations available
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