Loyle Carner, Tom Misch

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Last update on: July 28, 2022

There was something ′bout her face Something 'bout the way they would taste Lick her lips after slipping everything she should′ve say

And saying everything that couldnt wait Saying wouldn't it be great A little bait heard a little late Trying to be finding me cause im a slipper on a date Saying wait, the day will break Trying to play it straight But she be saying wake me up at eight Now im talking late Jack way back when I get eczema on my elbows Before she found shelter in the shelt holes We felt those, lows That hevean in the hell holes Waiting for a situation saying we should show those feelings We're feeling, cause I dont get no Es in the evening Release when Im dreaming And she would say she cant believe what shes reading Cause everthing i write has been misleading, she needs It be the friday night Filling it with fifa Slum village sleeping through the speaker I need her Deeper than the reasons had to leave her But she aint thinking ′bout me I aint thinking ′bout her neither either Believe her or let it go It seems the latter looks like losing over setting stone Best to bell her phone I'd rather see her but shes never home So I start to moan all alone Grab her breath and groan speak after the tone like Yo its me what you saying Its been a week I was playing I know this isnt good for you but another night your staying So help me Im just tryna find a way It ain′t to early morning lay it low They say the situations straying Your the player now you're praying no more What you playing those for I played my cards right, twice, for nothing Now I ain′t waiting no more She needs it (Ah-ah she needs it) She needs it (Ah-ah she needs it) She needs it (Ah-ah she needs it) She needs it She needs it (Ah-ah she needs it) She needs it (Ah-ah she needs it)

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Synced byVueltas
Translated byOscarWD
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