Lou Reed

Last update on: September 7, 2020
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They call you ecstasy Nothing ever sticks to you Not velcro, not scotch tape

Not my arms dipped in glue Not if I wrap myself in nylon A piece of duct tape down my back Love pierced the arrow with the twelve And I can't get you back Ah, ecstasy Ecstasy Ah, ecstasy Across the streets an old Ford, they took off its wheels The engine is gone In its seat sits a box With a note that says, Goodbye Charlie, thanks a lot I see a child through a window with a bib And I think of us and what we almost did The Hudson rocketing with light The ships pass the Statue of Liberty at night They call it ecstasy, ah Ecstasy Ecstasy, ah Ecstasy Some men call me St. Ivory Some call me St. Maurice I'm smooth as alabaster With white veins runnin' through my cheeks A big stud through my eyebrow A scar on my arm that says, Domain I put it over the tattoo That contained your name They called you ecstasy, ecstasy Ecstasy They call you ecstasy, ecstasy Ecstasy The moon passing through a cloud A body facing up is floating towards a crowd And I think of a time and what I couldn't do I couldn't hold you close, I couldn't, I couldn't become you They call you ecstasy, I can't hold you down I can't hold you up I feel like that car that I saw today, no radio No engine, no hood I'm going to the cafe, I hope they've got music And I hope that they can play But if we have to part I'll have a new scar right over my heart I'll call it ecstasy Oh, ecstasy, ecstasy Ecstasy Ecstasy, ecstasy Ecstasy

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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