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Meanwhile, back at the rapcave! Jumping Gee willickers rapman your never gona believe it! What seems to be the problem my raptastic companion? I just found out theres a bunch of wack ass, no talent having, swear they can Rap, 40-something, shoulda got a job, still living with their parents, so wack they Couldn't even get the whole 15 minutes of fame, only got 2 minutes perpetrating bitch ass Motherfuckers out there on the scene trying to make music! Oh my god! (I know!) Rapman will not stand for this! (Go Get 'Em!) To the booth! Now let me hop up in the rap mobile, get so much pussy in the back they should call it the cat-mobile Everybody's worried about a deal, but I keep it real Fucking around and I hit you in the crown with a inevitable sound that's spreading through your town Hold up! Gee willickers rapman I don't think they comprehend or can begin to even understand We don't fight crime, we fight whack rhymes, one song at a time, line after line Hold up! Motherfucker I'm bout to roll up, pull out the hamma on a bamma leave em tore up (oh my god!) Yea you talk, but can you walk, lets see you put the dough up (Cha-Ching!) Rhymes I throw up, a little nasty bastard, people hating on a brother just cause I mastered the flow Like Jedi, bet I, murder it before you heard of it, bitches I'm murking it Go berzerk in the club while honeys twerkin it Haters talking shit where they ain't to time for this, you know I'm bombing this, the flow is ominous Second I'm rhyming this, sound like a dominous. (Ching!) All the people that was hatin' in the beginning, know that I'm winning, let me slip through your fingers And now your spinning, you can check the Polaroid pictures cuz bitches I'm grinning I got it Treat the game like a honey, I had to get inside it Visionary of logic, is like two planets collided Im a lyrical miracle, matter fact a paradox On stage while my DJ scratching like chicken pox Never put me in your box, if your shit eats tapes I'm not biting, only quoting one of the greats, now The radio got me feeling disgusted, punch you in the snotbox til your brain concussed it Women they lust it, when they guts get busted, rip it up and thrust it im the best trust it OH MY GOD! Rapman What have you done!?!?!?! Why, whatever do you mean rapboy? Not only did you kill all the whack rappers, but my favorite ones as well what were you thinking! Well I just had to show these motherfuckers who's in charge What by obliterating them? Well how else was I supposed to let them know who's really running shit around here No, no, you're out of control, your drunk with power!!! Yo, let me get it, you know that I did it, my flow is outta this world, like the alien that spit acidic Middle finger to the critics and as fresh as a fitted, soon as a bet, get the honeys wet never upset When I catch wreck, like bobba fett down to collect, doesn't even register that I ain't taken a breath yet? *Gasp!* Oh my God! Oh My God! West Deer Park done raised the rap God Maryland I'm reppin it, dare ya to step in it, none others iller for realer the killer slash drug dealer I get bitches erotic by slinging dick like a narcotic, you want it I brought it, hit the club and get the Party started, yea The flows never ending, always ascending, while apprehending anybody who's partially comprehending Feeling limitless, quickly swallow the pill and enhance, with the killer stance swallow the mic like a neverland All up in yo bitche's pants, the second we dance I advance, at first glance go together like lettuce and ranch A born winner, schooling MC's like Principal Skinner, how I murder a kill-able syllable's are no beginner Feeling high style running through your stomach like hot bowel I'm the only human being'll perfectly rap this so I'm coming for ya head like john the baptist is this, this is The rapture, no camera can capture, annihilating anybody that's violating by hating I spit hotter than Satan, when he was migrating from heaven to hell Step to the mic and I shall prevail, finna blow your whole mind soon as time avail, what

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Synced byaj arsenal
Translated byBuse Seçil

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