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I cant seem to find what makes you look forward To tomorrow from the world today I cant seem to find what makes you so blind

You think you read my motherfucking mind Well I wish it was true man at least I would know About the rollercoasters inside my head It all boils down to in what you believe And either way you still end up dead BRIDGE Youre crushing it all in ignore till you cant feel Stay away from me Whatevers inside me was built thru a lifetime Cant take it away, cant take it away, cant take it away CHORUS Based on the things I know Not giving a fuck if you believe me Its more than just what I said Cant turn it around to deceive me Better the things I know Than whatever youre trying to feed me Whatever is in my head You cant take it away Cant take it away Christ! What the fuck man! You think I give a shit If you don′t understand a word I say Shit hard times and juvenile crimes Turned me into the cyco I am today Living is creating although I'm not debating I′m gonna say it straight down to your face If all thru your life you never lived on the edge Youre just taking too much fucking space BRIDGE CHORUS All my life I've seen it fade away It took some time before I made my stay I've been torn down, stoned, wasted and sedated Till this head of mine turned to stone And all I want after all these years Is that you motherfucking leave me alone Just leave me alone! Never, never, never Take it away no Never, never, cant Take it away from me CHORUS

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