LyricsRags to Riches

Lil Tecca

Janarthanan Suntharamoorthy submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

(Hook): I wen from rags, from rag to riches, now i need me a a bag, to bag the bitches I need me the straight cash, i need me a bape bag, you know where i stay at, you know where i lay at I gotta post up told em hold up, i gotta rollup in a costa, money come quick now told her hold up, gotta bad bitch on my so what, she wan fuck gang now ion know ha empty out the clip now thats a old gun Hollow in the clip now dont rollup, blick blick blick now he slow up, shawt see me and they all go nuts Gucci on the kicks now she froze up Margiela feet all eyes on me, see bad hoes i need 1, 2, 3 Drip on the fit only drip shaw hit my line say she need me Back, one step back, if you call me better be back bout stacks on my mind its all about them racks you wannfeature bitch im boutta tax

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