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Lil Skittles

Last update on: September 12, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

I'm going harder than a crack head to a meth pipe Have a bitch actin shitty Like a dirty buttwipe

But I told her baby girl That ass looking real nice And I separate the grains like it was a bowl of a rice Sippin on that purp Now I'm sippin on tha white I don't wanna be awake Can't conduct an appetite Now I'm sitting all alone Yeah you hearing it again I feel like I can just pretend Just To be okay again I hate the way that I feel I just wanna be dead Have a couple butterflies Flying right above my bed Switching up my flow Like a river when the wind occurs I'm putting hard bars on beats with a couple slurs Bag full of skittles Got a packet of them jelly beans I'll smack a bitch silly if she touchin on my collard greens I keep the vibe right like Coachella with the molly sweats Like your grandmother poppin her 4 am Percocets You're a fucking bastard and you know it bitch I pull a couple milfs like I was the fucking graduate Sippin orange juice Hanging with juice And I roll a couple swishers That'll prolly make ya puke Rapping strange lyrics on these weird beats I told her that she couldn't get me in a fucking a week Now I'm sitting in my room And I'm sippin on a coke Lighting up a cigarette Now I'm getting no smoke

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