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Leaders of the New School

Last update on: July 25, 2017
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Holy smoking Joe no jokes I post No hoax for ya folkes no cocaine cokes Cool whipper whopper wailing wit willis

Dillis do crills crills do dillis I'm ills like wills for the thrills of The phills nils phylis My rap style kills dead bodies stay stillis Cause Ben was friend he's the maniest Crackerjack cool whip spontaneous Brittilism organic organism skism Kanism is is I will I was I Insanic poetic go panic standing stanic Illy silly I made you hump a hillbilly Kick your mother to Kansas or a hunch Back hoodlum or hoody goody gets New tricks for mind trips my flattery Battery bus nuttus got your girley In the buttus uttus now your whole Cakes sluttish Well I'm feeling an astro flow to the Afro and rumpelin' til and skin and Amazing loops wit the lyrical hoops Peace to Betty Boops pass my GI-Gibaud's Posing for the ha holy matrimony I love ya Rosie Perez who said you Had bulky legs Call me daddy short dreds look at al The revolving beds Kangaroos cold sportin Pro-Keds Rough rough incoming flowing to the track Look at the people throwing down in the crowd (Ahh) pick up the pace and wiggle Look at the girls (poom poom) just jingle Ooh jump off the stage and jet E scoped a Bitch that was sippin on a Beck's Went to the flix ooh was it rated X Pass it on to my boys so they can catch rec. Extra, extra read it look what it's all about I'm the Last Boy Scout I turn it out Any time that I can My Master Plan Is to do what's grand I'm a rugged nigga, a big rugged nigga Sit back and relax and take a swigga Ramp is no joke I'm on some shit called Cutthroat Fuckin' with my boyz watch you get face broke Ol' Chilly Willy I think it's my time To play the rap Billy Hey you Fellas, Pass the Phillie Well Well Well, here I go again round 2 Making brothas act (didi dum) Having fun jettin' rhythms written by The one I got the ultimate snap I set lyrics like a trap (Rump a pum pum) make the whole world Shake Quake to my new sounds tapes Press play Let me include the #1 fact. Trom is official A.K. Blitz on the track. Remedy man yes I'm known as the sha-now Remedy man he's a Rumpelstiltskin The moment is my ritual response is Spontaneous now is now I grab the mic for a sec. Giving sponge baths for those who Can't keep a rep (didn't mean to turn you on) Fingers move faster than riffing rafts Invision the sha being bolder than your dad Huh! Unstoppable when my mind is amp I'm gini in bakinis coming from Bel-Air Wizzy watch me get busy Will hit the earb vision is dizzy Illy choco spillies into phillies Causing mathematics static toolies In the attic So brainwash the wish cause this Is huh spontaneous All gal with pum pum shorts, please please Come in. Ca me say people are you ready "Bow" oh Lord kallie weed come to rock steady "Bow" oh Lord. A long time mea did wait, but Now I arrive upon de scene, all now, but me nah go cus kick Up rumpus. Hold it steady lyrics will fill Your belly. Remember this is kallie weed pon De version. What could ah mek you think say Milo Coulda gwan so. Me an de lieutnant au de de dong De de dong de dow. Say whether the riddem fast Or whether de riddem slow. I love fi chat pon de Mic at party dat is all I know. Short term Long Radius it's the craziest. I can't check For this when it's spontaneous Yo! Everybody anybody they want me But it's the Brown skin curly Hair mashed up teeth. Choices Voices funky Fahrenheit breakin' Breakdown Breaka Break a Mic Alright. Olympian Champion timberland (Stomp) Stomp clamp amp Here I am here I am Cali chronic Brooklyn buddah New York City made this, ahhhhhh! Spontaneous! Emence lipd the dale chip tales Strip the street beats hop and hip Healing hands over hot rocks bop chops Stop hops see I'm coking on pop rocks With coke as a mouthwash gosh my o watch Whats ma's meaning spot the dot give a lot Red rose caligula screening sex spontaneous Flex bust I trust you be next. Yes, Yes Do you see the unique boutique freaks, many treats Gimme some sweets on the beats Veronia, Sam, Wilma, Wack How do you figure stay Away, stay away you fuckin' Gold digger. Direct from the union Rub me like a lotion, the Solution, comin' kind of Stupid from the station. The Chameleon, Changing Crazy styles like on the Enormous let me focus Never bogus spontaneous

No translations availableNo translations available
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