Laurie Anderson

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I came home today and you had rearranged all the furniture. And you had changed your name. And I'd never seen you wear that pin-striped shirt before.

And then I realized, I was in the wrong house. In this picture, there's a big blank piece of paper and I'm saying: Sign it. Go ahead. It's blank. What have you got to lose? And the sun's coming up and you still haven't signed it and I keep saying: Sign it. Sign it. I'm going to draw a picture and I'm going to put in an eight-lane superhighway and I'm going to draw you on it in an old jalopy. And then I'm going to draw a whole fleet of Mack trucks bareling along the highway with their brights on. And then I'm going to draw a flat tire on the jalopy and then I'm going to draw the whole jalopy in X-ray to show that you've got no gas. He said: You can take my money. You can take my life. You can take my gun. You can take my wife. But just make sure that when you do--you take grandma too. Hey! That sounds great! That sounds really good! Just don't put my name on it, OK? Take my name off it, all right? Wish they all could be California girls.

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