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I used to walk past a cemetery On a pathway to my boys house to Sit, get lifted and dream about

How we wanted to live. Irony In actions. Fractions of honesty Divide People into factions Those who will And those that actually will I guess things aren't what they used to be Memory lane had the yellow bricks removed And The pavements now seem stained With cigarette ash and shards of broken Glass Smells like home The sirens A familiar melody. But doesn't sound the same Without the nickelodeon theme tunes I would To drown out sounds. Oh nostalgia You wicked wicked temptress you I remember If not through the eyes of The innocent who else could see potential For limitless, second nature. survival A mind set primitive. Adapt and discover, that Pound coin won't stretch past that panda pop, These days… It's monkey see what monkey do For the trees. Forest fires and friendly conversation Searching Amazon for new ways to burn The Bambu Smoke filled lungs till Speech slurs. streams of consciousness Tangled. Gathered, with like minded. A demand for retribution if left with the roaches Burned it's ooh ah ah ooh We haven't come that far Since evolution. Stand two feet No alpha male But still blessed with Another tale of the hypocrite Still blessed with the eyes of The vigilant. See senses fall To pensive states of temporary Aspirations. Then pass it on, like Tales around the camp fire Unified in dream state Then put the blind the blind folds To our ear drums for session of ignorant bliss Like I ain't really worried about nothing I swear I ain't really worried about nothing I thought the grass would get greener Once I came off the trees, seeking the high Has me throwing away loose leaves like Autumn. See me clearly, that same primitive Thought we evolve from like Dar-winian theory I wonder why we choose to stay in the dark Like the pigment of Stevie's vision when it's Hard to see our pigments as equals or Any effort to engage your conscience Must been seen as conscious Accept the consequence But never will I beg pardon on truth The reality simian, but the fact are simple It's human instinct. As humans Instinctively we adapt to survive Or destroy. Same difference I wonder why we choose to stay in the dark Like the pigment of Stevie's vision but some Love the blind folds of ignorance It's a shame to see, the spiralling direction Of self expression. jaded eyes see Only see jaded solutions Money Money Money shall rain down On our daughters and we shall applaud And cheer like the the arches in their back Coupled with the rhythmic patterns of There gyrating hips can summon condensation Honey Honey Honey brown skin will be bleached To be appreciated. Hungry Hungry Hungry Stomaches will call our brothers to arms Over pussy weed money because it sells And thats all we know I am no martyr for a message I'm no better but know better One body, a shoulder to lean A head and mouth to speak Truths piercing your flesh A leg or two to stand on Whenever in need. And They still got my niggas hanging from the trees Can't see the truth when it's 6 feet deep Like I really worried about nothing I swear I ain't really worried about nothing

No translations availableNo translations available
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