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As we rise (Rise up) as we rise To the Toppppp As we rise, sisters and my brothers (rise up)

(Oh) Though we fall we get back up Though we fall we get back up As we rising, Keep rising Yeah we rising (Gaza) (mash up)(mash up) For everyone that has a dream let them Dream good, Cause everybody know that The world be evil you know how it go Retribution everything has to come to an end Salvation always dreaming passion rushing Let it flow like a river salvation unto the kingdom King selassie & you know it negus negesti You know the king of the kings lord of the lords Yeah he reign down Blessings coming down Blessings going out (aye) we blessed going in Blessed going out (Blocka)(bloc)(Bloc)(bloc) Everybody just really want to stop your shine (Block your blessing) want to block your blessing They want to dim the light of the youth of nation But we rise up no one cannot stop what God has Created (ohh Oh) created yeah "rise up" My sister my youth and every way (oh yea) Surviving no matter how much pain you endure You gonna rise up (Mash up brother) (Mash up my Sister) Hey unto the nation survivor of the fittest is the way Ugh-ohh-yeaheee surviving no matter what dem ones May do you can do what you have to do they still Surviving everyday I know it′s a struggle it's a painful Thing to understand but you really are surviving The one that can′t be name you know you survive it You done made it from day to day to day Shout dem survivors

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