LyricsJust Let Go

Killswitch Engage

Last update on: March 13, 2019
#together against coronavirus

Holding on to something That I know I can't control And I could not have it any other way

Restless anxious is all I've known Defenseless against this This changes in my soul What was once reluctance soon becomes the will to grow And I would not have it any other way So I let go, lose control Let go to the unknown Nothing changes in refusing to grow Wisdom engages those who will grasp for something more Take this leap of faith (take this leap of faith) There's no time to waste And I cannot have it any other way (any other way) So I let go, lose control Just let go, let go Yeah Just let go See behind the hue Reject what I once knew I'll let go (I'll let go) Surrender Let go (let go) Just let go (let go), surrender

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Translated byCaro Keller

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