LyricsLosing My Brain


Last update on: July 22, 2017
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Another album drop put that where the classics at How many times we gotta prove we got that magic rap Caught up in the money everybody turnin on me

Thought everybody was proud till everybody want it from me Its a funny thing I tel ya I seen everybody dirty Favour after favour never nothin in return, It ain't even like I askin I'm just waitin on a thank you You sussin out my money that ain't somethin that a mate do I bet I breaks you I'm stackin up I'm holdin bricks I learnt my lesson keep it separate never told em shit Still ridin with my girl got her decked out in that louis too She was with me when I was poor look where we movin to Brought her out the back feel like swimming till I drown lads Six bedroom house and I started in a town house I got it down I makin my dreams come true You stab me in the back now you wish that you could come too Visit to see sero but they had him on a box visit He touched the glass and said "don't you ever stop with it" He said "fuck em all" kinda like he read my thoughts I could say a million things that we both said before He rang the other day dialin me He cracked a joke the first time he smiled in weeks He knows I miss him I'm the truest with speech Plus now the crew is getting pumped up for shues release I'm waking up stressed shit you talk about a work load Holdin all my money ain't no way you see me turn broke Cause I been their I ain't goin back now This new life equals stress I don't back down Fightin thru life I feel stuck in a dump I miss rates we ain't spoke in a couple of months And I'm movin on watchin all this time fly Thinkin is my mind right? livin in the lime light Remain on my feet thru all the fuckin hate Now them haters when they see me tell me that made it I cant help it to make my life public the fans seem to get it Cause they tellin me they love it they breathe it They need this They need another way but I'm feelin at my wits and I swear feel like I need a break man We break the top charts Had me poppin pills whats the part Where the happiness comes? I got the cash I lost my heart Realest on the mic here Need me and I'm right here I'm washin down presciption But I'm mixin it with light beer I gotta find the way cause lately I been stressfull But thru it all I am still the most successfull Hows it work? shit I'm losing my brain But I keep gettin bigger so the movement remains I've reached a million to date and try to move it away Cause dark skies over me till a human is grey I got alot up on my plate now considered as an icon But then I'm here and I'm told I live my life wrong This could be the realest thing that I ever wrote This could be the realest thing that I ever qoute I got a couple enemies they want me in the cemetary They can knock me off but they cannot stop my legacy I keep movin through the depths of the flames I put my life on the line so you remember my name When I leave aussie rap thats a day off the map Thats the way of my rap no one sprayed it like that Who's around cause I'm feelin on my own now You miss my buddy but I guess the phone got thrown out Years ago you see me on the street with a beer can Walkin with the headphones dreamin to be here man Dreamin to be here man but now I'm here man no I don't fear them Now I got a clear head thought you gonna be there But ya not nah, but ya not nah In a hot car screamin what, what you got huh? Imma live on the charts with the top So sick sick that they need to call a doctor.

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