LyricsFather Time (feat. Sampha)

Kendrick Lamar, Sampha

Last update on: May 17, 2022

You really need some therapy Real n- need no therapy, f- you talkin′ about? Nah, nah, you sound stupid as f-

Sh-, everybody stupid Yeah, well, you need to talk to somebody Reach out to Eckhart I come from a generation of home invasions and I got daddy issues, that's on me Everything them four walls had taught me, made habits bury deep That man knew a lot, but not enough to keep me past them streets My life is a plot, twisted from directions that I can′t see Daddy issues all across my head, told me "F- a foul" I'm teary-eyed, wanna throw my hands, I won't think out loud Foolish pride, if I lose again, won′t go in the house I stayed outside, laughin′ with my friends, they don't know my life Daddy issues made me learn losses, I don′t take those well Momma said, "That boy is exhausted," he said, "Go f- yourself" If he give up now, that's gon′ cost him, life's a b- You could be a b- or step out the margin, I got up quick I′m chargin' baskets and falling backwards, tryna keep balance Oh, this the part where mental stability meets talent Oh, this the part, he breaks my humility just for practice Tactics we learned together, sore losers forever, daddy issues Early mornin' wake-ups (ah), practicin′ on day-offs (ah) Tough love (ah), bottled up, no chaser (ah) Neat, no chaser (ah), neat, no chaser (ah) Neat, no chaser (ah), neat, no chase Early mornin′ wake-ups (ah), practicin' on day-offs (ah, day-offs) Tough love (ah), bottled up, no chaser (ah) Neat, no chaser (ah), neat, no chaser (ah) Neat, no chaser (ah), neat, no chaser I got daddy issues, that′s on me Lookin' for, "I love you," rarely empathizin′ for my relief A child that grew accustomed, jumping up when I scraped my knee 'Cause if I cried about it, he′d surely tell me not to be weak Daddy issues, hid my emotions, never expressed myself Men should never show feelings, being sensitive never helped His momma died, I asked him why he goin' back to work so soon? His first reply was, "Son, that's life, the bills got no silver spoon" Daddy issues, f- everybody, go get your money, son Protect yourself, trust nobody, only your momma′n′em This made relationships seem cloudy, never attached to none So if you took some likings around me, I might reject the love Daddy issues kept me competitive, that's a fact, n- I don′t give a f- what's the narrative, I am that nigga When Kanye got back with Drake, I was slightly confused Guess I′m not mature as I think, got some healin' to do Egotistic, zero-given f- and to be specific (ah) Need assistance with the way I was brought up (ah, ah) What′s the difference when your heart is made of stone? And your mind is made of gold And your tongue is made of sword, but it may weaken your soul? My n- ain't got no daddy, grow up overcompensatin' Learn sh- ′bout bein′ a man and disguise it as bein' gangsta I love my father for tellin′ me to take off the gloves 'Cause everything he didn′t want was everything I was And to my partners that figured it out without a father I salute you, may your blessings be neutral to your toddlers It's crucial, they can′t stop us if we see the mistakes 'Til then, let's give the woman a break, grown men with daddy issues Early mornin′ wake-ups (ah), practicin′ on day-offs (ah, day-offs) Tough love (ah), bottled up, no chaser (ah) Neat, no chaser (ah), neat, no chaser (ah) Neat, no chaser (ah), neat, no chaser

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Synced byAlvin R
Translated byArianna Borri

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