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I got 100 different reasons 100 different ways to go And they say id never make it

Baby I'm already home 100 that's the only way I know And they said I'd never make it They don't know who I'm working for 100 Look I ain't down with my feet up I don't care where you bury me brah Running hard till I drop So bury me in my free runs Funny how I don't want the stuff people dream of Wish living in a beach front, eased up with my ease up So what if they think you the man That don't mean nothing in the kingdom So what I want ya'll to remember me for If you forget my name please remember my Jesus They can have it all, we content I know they tripping over nothing, this a horror flick (It's empty) I know how this ends like I authored it That's why I'm waiting on my Savior like he's ordering Time after time, I wish I can get time back I've wasted so many years I can't rewind now But God is over time, I ain't talking to talk He runs the clock, call it time lapse You can't go back to the future, now your futures back 401K where your future after your future at Go investing it, and give your all Cause life is short but eternity is long Yeah, that's why- Can I, can I Get a little ignorant Boy I'm feeling this Killin' this yeah I'm still legit And I'm going in I know God watching me I know they watching me If it glorifies the king I'm like dame ven aqui I'm a be looking to keep him forever You couldn't I know they don't get it but gotta go with the vision to do everything we doing unto the one who has given us life Its all cool we passed bars like law schools 100 my dogs don't do 50 like Ja Rule I got 100 different reasons I give my all, 100 At the end of it all That's the only way I know

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