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I ain't nothing special shit I'm just another singing rapper I went away to school and ended up a better trapper Niggas got degrees for sellin' P's I'm tryna get my masters

Pressure to get my life together faster, uh How do I deal with disappointment? I'm only 23 and made a lot of bad choices If He gone make a way, then shit, my way just feels pointless I hope that God listens to my story it's important Only in my 20's thought I'd have my shit figured out, uh I still ain't got nothing figured out yet Uh, I ain't got nothin' figured out Pressure to make it but I don't know how I got one semester left and still ain't learned shit I gotta help out with the bills I better learn quick Spent a lotta time in college still ain't makin' cents But watching my family struggle only makin' me sick I got niggas that's still at home, I got niggas doin' well I got niggas that got babies, I got niggas in the cell, uh, yeah Where do I see myself? I cut class to chase ass, I shoulda got the bag Shawty hit my phone said she need like 1.5 Second semester GPA was like 1.5 I wasn't fucking with that school shit I was tryna survive I'm sellin' beats, I'm sellin' tree, I'm sellin' studio time And I hate smokin' my own shit but I need to get high I need that pressure for that pressure that been in my life, yeah I need that pressure for that pressure For the shit I be goin' through

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