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K Check, kevin gates

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Thick thighs, pretty face, this bitch raw, What I gotta do for to get her to the car In a rush, too excited, damn, dick still soft

Whole clique flippin' cocaine when its soft And I ain't even trippin' on a bitch Or who she choose to love Talk all in her ear while I'm seducing her Face card, roxycontin racecar Need a boss bitch that's in college with a bank card Player type nigga out the way but like the coach She get outta line it ain't no need to be provoked Gravitation won't explain, ain't no need to get her choked, come here! All I gotta do is say I'm gone, she goin' run in Deep thighs, pretty face This bitch raw, need a boss bitch Deep I'mma ride for the V, I'm sly for the V I'mma keep rife a with me Ya put it on me, kept that pussy on me Right now, now Hey girl with the big booty, let's get a hotel we can get stupid Nothin' drop a stack, let a bitch choose me 99 problems with the Rick Rubin But my dick ain't one, swear the shit A1 Young nigga 'bout business and I don't play dumb But I do play hoes like an Xbox One Have sex the first night, dip when I'm done I don't get tired, eat the pussy like I just fried it Hold my breath when I'm down breathe through my eye lid She a freak want to ride me, nut inside me I'm like baby wait a minute, that's gonna be a problem I just put the pussy on the pedestal Make me have a drool, have me breakin' every rule You the type of bitch that make my toes curl Let's double up, send a message to your home girl Put it on me like Cologne I'mma buy a chick a bag For that ass that's alone Get up in it and then I'm gone Eyes weak, I've been blowing strong Whip full of girls gettin' lit like a check engine Baby not to mention, that I'm smokin' presidential like Nixon Tryin' to get cut like Nicole Simpson Pussy drippin' wet like I just rinsed it She ain't talking 'bout no top then the bitch senseless Hard out here and we still pimpin' Walking in the room, now lil mama limpin' Juicy J the one and only, you niggas phony Pussy tighter than some handcuffs, put it on me

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