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Storm Leymeister suggested changes to these lyrics. could they all die? Really a shame. 3, 2, 1 Oh! King! What now? Help! Oh what do you want? They! Right. They took the princess and won′t give her back! Hero should... Not exist. Hmm, got it! Eh? No need to fear, you be the hero! Set up let down! Jimmying the lock and a brand new stock Of any old item to get you going! Party on up and to get you pumped and fight Oh tell me you're just kidding, right? Fine so ever if you′re in trouble talk to the peasants, okay? And with a smash go beat that boss down! Wait what now? Boast it and toast it and raise your all your glasses Cuz they all know that I rule all the masses And I'll just be here doing everything for their sake Thinking again, the bigger they are The harder they're overthrown One up and one up and throw up your hands now! Partying hard just to watch them all bow down Hold up a second, didn′t hear this at enrollment My paid vacations are-? DELETED DELETED So now we′re waiting for the bating of the breathing and the beating of the beastly ol' ultimate boss Say that we′re fighting for a cause because I demand Say that we're fighting to keep peace over the land Looking on, fighting from furthest point in the rear Calling your stats out like you′re blind or just can't hear Fighting for you and maybe fighting for the peasants too Take a sec to see how hard we fight so you can rule They′re falling one by one around me and I'm flashing red I knew my levels just weren't high enough yet... Sorry but your party was wiped out completely, now you′re dead O God in heaven, why? Amen. Oh! How could they all die? Really a shame. But I guess I′ll give you another try "If at first you don't succeed!" But my king! Don′t like the name? No!...This is insane. Eeh?!? Dead people don't have any right to complain! All we got in our castle′s stock is really fine to keep us going Partying guys with crazy high levels Oh woah, that's pretty awesome, right? But then again, I stress this one single thing that′s ruling as we're dueling Nicely put - oh screw it they're a HUGE MORON This I get now, humans just like fighting battles And this just a thought (OK?) Say we need to work to better, work together? Is this "The Game of Life" all again?! To reach the next level, you should probably get Experience points, with a thousand, you′re set But maybe a backbone wouldn′t hurt you to find Don't you falter this time, this is it now, ok? Telissa, Borosso, Zanshi, Paronte All of these magicians used to get your way Calm and quietly I′m always smiling down at thee But politely bragging away, I give my scepter a wave Holit and, Holit and, Holit and, hold it! It's always this spell and it′s spelling out "STUPID" It puts the mighty king into a mighty deep sleep And just who do you think you are? This better not be a coup! Hey I'm no hero, and I think I should add... wanting a hero played right, you should just play it yourself! Say that we′re fighting for a cause because I demand Say that we're fighting to keep peace over the land Moving on, fighting from furthest point in the front Seeing approval ratings rocketing from one! (WAIT. WHAT THE?) Fighting for views and always fighting for the money too Take a sec to think about what this king really rules They're falling one by one around me and you′re red as flames How could they all be dying? Really a shame! Say that we′re fighting for a cause because I demand Say that we're fighting so your smile always stands Sliding by, we′re always trying harder not to die Scraping up what info on the evil we can find And so today, I stay here guarding like I always do Awaiting one good hero strong enough and true I know you're thinking that I′m hiding on the throne again But in the end I know I'm too weak to win

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Translated byRafael Rojo

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