LyricsBlue Railroad Train

Jorma Kaukonen

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Blue Railroad Train, Going down the railroad track, Makes me feel,

So darn whole blue, Listening the old folks chat. Come back again, Let me hear the whistle blow, Taking the sun, Leaving the rain, And I hate to see you go. Blue Railroad Train, Leaving me for behind, Give me back, The good old days, Let me ram a down the flock. Blue Railroad Train, Leave me here alone, Treat me good, Treat me bad, Making me think of home. I've got the blues, Longing for company, It's many miles, From where I am, To the only one for me. It's lone here, Waiting for the man up there, I hope that, Engineer's kind, Enough to let me be a guest. I'm not as bad, As you might think I am, Hobo here, Hobo there, Travel the states around. Blue Railroad Train, Good old pal of me, Take me where, I wanna go, And the transportations free.

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