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Jenny Wilson

Last update on: July 29, 2019
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I've got my new shoes, they're yellow like the sun I walk to my new school, Perhaps I'll make good friends in time

Blue winter jacket will make me look like them I know I'll better be a part of the game You Know I'm new, but I'm not special I wanna fit in cause that makes impression Well in the school meals I tried to despise the food you should despise And steal things like toothpicks, make fun of some fat girl, Then you're member of the gang". Rules are just the same, tables all the same At least ten thousand of spoons, and forks and knives and plates "Nice Jacket, won't you join us" they probably will say "Not today but tomorrow" There's no problems, this is like sort of fair I've got so many new friends admirers in a line I can' tell how fun it is, mum I wear a black cap and guess it's common around here I'm pickin'up stones, suppose they're like weapons in a war How many of you are still in the game? My Shoes are new and fast but I won't run away I'm sure I'm not a chicken I could prove you I can fight I'll do what it takes, at least I try There's no problem, this is like's out of there. I've got so many new friends and my ears in the line I can' tell Funny this book oooo-oh You know it ain't true You know it ain't true You know it ain't true You should know...

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