LyricsA Little Piece of Hell


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Last update on: January 7, 2021
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Just pull the trigger And everything is okay right All the pain, and all of my worries will fucking go away right, right

I'm so tired of being alive I wanna' fucking die You can hear it in my voice and see it in my eyes I just wanna' fall asleep for an eternity I wanna' run away from everything that's hurting me Gotta' brand new 45 right underneath my bed I wanna' pull the trigger put a bullet in my head Don't wanna' live, don't wanna' breathe, don't wanna' feel no more Don't wanna' give up but the more I try I kill me more I'm always lonely I don't fuck with no one's energy I swear to God my solitude will be the death of me Feel like this suicide will be my only remedy And I'll let you decide if I am worth remembering

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