LyricsThis Guy - This Girl's In Love

James Brown, Lyn Collins

Last update on: October 23, 2020
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I feel good tonight So do I You feel good?

You're the first time at the hallway too Right? Yes it is You know if someone was in love with you Could you be able to dig it? No, I don't think so You couldn't dig it? But would you like that? I'd love it Listen to this sing You see this guy This guy's in love with you Really, really? Yes, I'm in love Put a look at you the way I do When you smile I can tell we know each other very well I can't, I'll show you I'm bad, I got to do you harm I've heard some talk What d'you hear baby? They say you think I'm fine Speak for yourself This girl's in love And what I do make you mad Tell me now is it so? Don't let me be the last to know My heads are shaking Don't let my heart be played on I need your love I want your love Say you will love and love with this girl I wanna tell you right now darling I want you to know baby I'm your blood I guess next time Oh, yes we're in love hey, babe "I love you" Oh, don't you know "I love you"? "I love you" I said: "I love you" Right the way you want Oh, baby I wanna tell you that I know the way you're talking Oh, baby Sometimes when we smile I know we will love Sweet little baby charm Oh, we will love Need you Oh, yes we're in love For myself, don't need you Oh, yes we're in love Oh, yes we're in love.

No translations availableNo translations available
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